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The Qboid Module is now available!
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Thanks for taking an interest in the Qboid Module for Divi.

The Qboid Module is a WordPress Plugin specifically for use with the Premium Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes. You need the Divi Theme to be able to use this plugin. The Qboid Module/Plugin contains a Fullwidth Module which when installed will appear in the Fullwidth Sections as ‘Fullwidth Qboid’

The Qboid Module

The Fullwidth Qboid Module is a modified version of the Standard Fullwidth Slider featuring a four sided 3D Rotating Cuboid where each face is rotated into view by scrolling with a Mousewheel, or swiping on up and down on a Touchscreen device such as a Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Advanced Usage

The Qboid Plugin can also be used without the Qboid Module giving you the option to add other Divi Modules to the Qboid Faces as well as inside the Qboid. Using the Qboid without the Module will require some CSS knowledge and we have included a Divi Layout file with the plugin for you to get started with and will be sharing more layouts from some of our growing list of Demos which you can find here.


We want you to enjoy working with the Qboid Plugin and are very excited to see your designs created with Qboid. However, we think it fair to mention that some CSS knowledge would be an advantage when using the Qboid in order to get the most from it. By design the Qboid faces are limited in space, especially on smaller devices. A good knowledge of CSS will be advantageous to getting the Qboid to work responsively. Again, please checkout the usage instructions before purchasing and please feel free to contact us with any pre-sale questions you may have.

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