Qboid Layouts

by | Dec 17, 2016 |

Layout files in zip format to download and use with the Qboid plugin.
Note: These layout files will not work with the Qboid Module, they are for the advanced use of the plugin which you can find detailed instructions for here. We’ll be adding more layouts as we create them but here you can find layout files from some of our demo pages as well as the main Qboid Layout that’s also included with the Qboid Plugin.

Click on the links below to download the layout file in a zip archive. Extract the json file from the archive to somewhere on your computer then Import it to your Divi website using the Divi Library.

To use a layout, simply create a new page, load the layout from the library and start editing.

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Qboid Layouts

Qboid Page Layout

This layout is a blank canvas layout for the Qboid.
The same file that is included with the Qboid plugin.

Spaced Demo Layout

This layout is from the Spaced Demo