Welcome to the Qboid Module

The Qboid is a 3D Effect Custom Module/Plugin for the Premium Divi WordPress Theme.
To test the effect out for yourself you can scroll with a mouse-wheel, swipe up or down on a touchscreen device or use the control button arrows on the right of the screen.

Rotate the Qboid

How was it for you?

The Qboid Module is made up of four full screen sides.
Each side can contain a heading, and content using the WordPress Editor,
just like the standard full-width slider module in Divi.

Learn More

You can easily add an image or video to the Qboid just like in the standard Divi Slider Modules.
With a little imagination and CSS knowledge you can add some cool effects of your own too.

There's more to this Module than meets the eye.

Take a Closer Look

Come on in and find out what the Qboid can do and how it can be used on a regular Divi page, with regular Divi Modules.
You only need to enter one css class to get it working.

Also coming soon- Divi Tips and Tutorials and of course, more plugins.

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